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Workshop in Bratislava

On 21-22 January in Bratislava around 15 experts from V4 countries discussed ideas and exchanged knowledge on the current trends and challenges of entrepreneurship in the V4 region.

It was the last meeting within our international partnership coordinated by HÉTFA Research Institute, which started in March last year. Hopefully it won't be our last occasion to cooperate ;)

During the workshop four interactive panels took place, where we could share experiences on how to deal with four major problems in the field of SMEs - lack of skilled labour force; mismatch between the education and the labour market needs; taxation, legislation, incentives and the effects of wage increase on labour market and employment.

Though discussed separately, there areas appeared to be very much interconnected, since they all have an impact on quality of business environment.  We have also managed to identify several actions which might improve the position of SMEs in the region.

More info about the discussion is available on HÉTFA  webpage