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Evaluation of the Polish development aid in Ukraine in 2010-2012

We have completed evaluation for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The evaluation was focused on certain projects implemented within the Polish development aid granted by MFA to Ukraine during years 2010-2012.

Research approach:

This survey was carried out using bottom-up approach (primary and secondary data were analysed and evaluated on the project level as case studies, afterwards conclusions from the project level were aggregated and presented in the final report). Conclusions from the project level were complemented by CAWI survey, panel of experts, desk research and SWOT analysis. During the study we have completed over 80 individual interviews in Poland and Ukraine.

What are the crucial conclusions of the study regarding the surveyed projects?

  • they were accurate and responded to needs of the local societies
  • they contributed to stimulation of social-economic development on the local level
  • project leaders had relevant potential to implement such activities and implementation of the projects improved potential of the partner institutions in Ukraine
  • all the surveyed projects improved image of Poland as an open and modern country.

The study has also given many valuable recommendations, that could help better focus future projects of the Polish development aid.