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We are an independent organization whose aim is to foster and promote socio-economic development.
We do believe that only engagement of all citizens in public matters as well as rational public policies may create strong foundations for future development. That is why our activities are focused on:

  • building civil society,
  • strengthening non-government sector, 
  • improving the quality of public policies.

We are strongly convinced that pro-development citizens’ performance and public policies should be result-oriented and evidence-based.

We feel that public policies can only be effectively and efficiently implemented when elaborated in the process of a public dialogue which is based on common goals, expected results as well as ways of achieving them.

Our task is to provide knowledge as well as tools and instruments which foster the quality of social life and increase the potential for future development. We search for innovative solutions to socio-economic problems. Our performance is particularly aimed at elaborating and practical implementing theoretical knowledge in the public policy making as well as the promotion of evaluation as one of the most important instruments of modern public management.

Our activities are also performed in a local scale. The headquarters of our Foundation are located in the small village called Wierzbica on the Lake of Zegrze – one of the most beautiful places near Warsaw. Our strong attachment to the place we come from is reflected in our efforts we make to support the local socio-economic development. We serve the local community, the part of which we are, with our work, knowledge and experience.