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CONTRA: CONflict in TRAnsformations

A joint research project with the University of Warsaw and the City of Gdynia

In 2022, we are starting a new project CONTRA: CONflict in TRAnsformations.

Together with the University of Warsaw and the City of Gdynia, we will explore how institutionalizing participatory arenas for productive conflicts can increase cities' ability to transform towards a more sustainable model.

As part of the project, we see conflict as a natural and potentially productive element of city management. Properly managed, it can lead to innovative solutions for complex problems and let the groups previously marginalized engage.

Using this potential is of key importance, above all, in the field of climate change, as it is a policy area of ​​great political importance for the future of cities, but also carries the risk of a strong destructive conflict.

The project will be implemented with the participation of partners from Belgium, the Netherlands (coordinator: Universiteit van Tilburg) and Norway

Support for the project is the result of participation in the international competition ENUTC: ERA-NET Urban Transformation Capacities. The group includes five Polish research teams, including ours.

Photo by Adam Borkowski from Pexels