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A visit of partners from Ukraine

As a part of our project from RITA

On 12-14 March 2019 our partners from the Volyn Resource Center have visited Warsaw. On the first day we had an opportunity to meet with the head of the National Evaluation Unit in the Ministry of Investment and Development. We spoke about the development of evaluation in Poland and the current challenges facing the evaluation system. It was also an opportunity to talk about our project and the basics for the development of evaluation in Ukraine.

The next two days were devoted to the preparation of our partners for the implementation of a pilot study in Ukraine. Based on the concept of the theory-based evaluation, we recreated the theory of the regional call which will be a subject of a study. On this basis, together with the Ukrainian partners, we have further developed the concept and tools for the study itself.

Below you can find the agenda, presentations of our experts and a few photos of your stay (in Polish and/or Ukrainian).

Project co-financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation under the RITA - "Region in Transition" Program, implemented by the Education for Democracy Foundation.

Projekt współfinansowany ze środków Polsko-Amerykańskiej Fundacji Wolności w ramach programu RITA – Przemiany w regionie, realizowanego przez Fundację Edukacja dla Demokracji.

Проект співфінансується Польсько-Американським Фондом Свободи в рамках програми RITA – «Зміни в регіоні», яку реалізує Фонд «Освіта для демократії».